CAn art change the world?

"the ilvia community" sunday session at the beach with "the solomon" radding out on the roof, a massive thanks for all who made it down was a rad arvo and look foward to doing it again in a few week! AND MOST OF ALL A MASSIVE THANKS TO CORONA FOR KEEPING US ALL REFRESHED!
we try to only post our own project or those who we are somehow evolved with or indebted to, but sometimes something we see couldn't be said better...
"hunky dory social club" = dope as

After two years of full blown headaches, council sweats and issues our good friends Richie and Cinners have opened the Hunky Dory Social Club in Sydney. Get around this joint as its going to give Sydney that taste of Melbourne that they have been gaging over for years. Here's a few photographs from the opening a week or so ago, super hectic.

in true vivecoolcity fashion there was ms nude victoria whipped cream and groupies for the secret showing of the boys 300th episode. In typical fashion it was pretty darn raw... will get the episode up here on the 3rd for all yall to check it.

a few photographs from evie's latest project. get ready for a rad summer punks, its coming to a town near you real soon.